‘Breaking the spiral of unsustainability in arid and semi-arid areas in Latin America using an ecosystems approach for co-innovation of farm livelihoods.’

EULACIAS is an EU FP6 INCO DEV Specific Targeted Project aimed at innovation of smallholder farming systems in Latin America by combining systems approaches and learning by all actors through Impact Pathways. This approach to research-for-development is denoted as co-innovation and is developed in 3 case studies located in Argentina (sweet cherry production in Patagonia), Mexico (dairy systems in west-Michoacán) and Uruguay (vegetable production in peri- Montevideo).

The acronym EULACIAS stands for European–LatinAmerican co-innovation of agricultural eco-systems. The project started 1Feb 2007. Project coordinator is Wageningen University.

Project coordinator: Dr Walter Rossing, Farming Systems Ecology, Wageningen University.